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July 04, 2015: Review of Filipino horror comics by Noel Pascual & Mervin Malonzo

August 15, 2013: Short story “The Ballard Engine

July 02, 2013: Appreciation of pop culture legend Richard Matheson

June 16, 2013: Extended interview with artist Eddie Campbell

June 12, 2013: Superman’s dark origins 

December 29, 2012: Doga meets Pao

November 04, 2012: Nicholas Roerich, the artist of Eternity

November 03, 2012: All about M & James Bond

August, 2012: The favourite question about superheroes

July 27, 2012: The politics of “The Dark Knight Rises”

March 03, 2012: Review of Natarajan & Ninan’s “Gardener in the Wasteland”

February 26, 2012: Interview with famed artist Eddie Campbell

January 08, 2012: Account of visit to comic book store Lambiek

November 05, 2011: Review of Millidge’s “Alan Moore Storyteller”

October 31, 2011: An appreciation of Tintin and his creator

January 09, 2010 : Review of Nicolas Wild’s “Kabul Disco”



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