On this page you’ll find links to the issues in hi-rez jpegs..
if you want to download an issue head over to the downloads section where its available in pdf and cbr formats.

Necropolitans (Teaser)

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Issue #1- “Late Cretaceous Incident”


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click to read (in French)


Issue #2- “Come You Lost Atoms”


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The Clocks Of Calcutta


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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



  1. gah! Why are these not in colour too! 😦

  2. Colour adds significantly to the per-page cost. We opted for a colour teaser as it was our first foray and only 7 pages. Colouring the entire episode will have to wait till we garner enough funds. Also, some people said it was looking good in B&W (the atmosphere).

  3. Hi Jai,
    I would like to buy a copy each of both issues when I land in India. I can say with reasonable certainty that two of our libraries at the Univ. of Western Ontario will want copies as well. Will printed copies be available any time soon? Let me know, and good luck with everything!!

    • Well Nazia our goal that HGN should always be free 🙂 maybe a printed version with a pricetag as well, yes. we’r still working it out with the publishers, hopefully a deal will be inked soon.

  4. Intrigued! Wholly fascinating place this has come to be!

    O brave men, keep me engrossed and aloof from the word demons of this web.

  5. Bravo, keep up the good work, reminds me of Tintin & Asterix. Such neat illustrations & such beautifully woven stories.

    • thank you Gunshe! please do join our facebook Page, and your comments on our photographs will be especially appreciated.

  6. This is great in b/w. Most of the time the printing cost is a consideration but on the other hand aesthetically black and white add to the art and story.

    • Yes, B&W is very atmospheric, works well for certain themes.

  7. Absolutely awesome!…

  8. Damn cool

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