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Jai Undurti
Hyderabad Graphic Novel

Bangalore: A Graphic Novel was launched, March 2017

24 August 2013
: Jai Undurti conducted a presentation on the HGN at The Coffee Cup, Sainikpuri as a run-up to the Hyderabad Comic Con Express scheduled to be held in September. A smashing success, with more than 100 people turning up.

10 July 2013: TISS Hyderabad and the British Deputy High Commission are organizing a workshop “Hyderabad to Cyberabad” on 16-17 July with cultural anthropologist Arjun Appadurai. The HGN will be giving a presentation on “Cities, Comics & History”

07 April 2013: Great news! Helter Skelter magazine is serializing our The City Speaks

31 July 2012: Workshop is a success! Nandita Jayaraj reports for The Hindu

27 to 29 July 2012:  The HGN goes to Chennai! In collaboration with the NalandaWay foundation, Jai Undurti & artist Harsho are conducting a work-shop on comics for school children.

February 2012 : An excerpt from our project opens Blaft Publications‘  much-awaited “The Obliterary Journal” !

In a journal which has gotten almost universally good reviews, our effort too garners positive press. Here are a few examples:

Indrajit Hazra in the Hindustan Times ‘gets’ it ,  the thinking that goes behind a panel

Elen Turner in the Southasiabookblog likes the linework

Samhita Arni in Tehelka likes the research that went into the script 

Jai Arjun Singh in the Hindu says it reminds him of “From Hell”. Glory be!

Apoorva Dutt in DNA enjoyed the art

The making of Metalloid


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