Every City is A Story

Bangalore: a Graphic Novel
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Hyderabad: a Graphic Novel
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Hyderabad is several cities in one, cities which are contradictory and complementary, cities which extend and exist in dislocations of space and time.
In short, Hyderabad is a city in argument with itself.

The project began as an attempt is to capture the stories & images of Hyderabad – to approximate a ‘Memory of the City’. The project evolved by recognizing the inherent strengths of the sequential art form in recreating a vanished city, a city that exists only in memory.

The Hyderabad Graphic Novel Project was founded by Jai Undurti. It is part of Syenagiri, a boutique narrative studio. If you like what you have seen so far do join our Facebook Page.


  1. Thanks Maya, for the post; also note that this is just a teaser, and actually has very little to do with the main project – it was something to get people interested.

    • Mr Jaideep Unudurti,
      I chanced to read your commentary on the 12th World Championship game between Anand and Topalov. It was very entertaining and great prose too. Well done! Please accept my sincere appreciation and best wishes for your success in all your efforts.

  2. Hello Roshni, have left a message on your Facebook, hope you got it!

  3. Hey, interested in chipping in. Let me know. It’s a great thing you guys are into.

  4. Hello Indisch, thank you. Would you link to this from your blog?!

  5. I liked your article on Anand’s 12th game victory in the 2010 World Championship. Keep up the good work!

  6. @Raj, thank you, do check out http://www.tnq.in/vishwa.html for game-by-game reports.

  7. @R Mohan, thank you for your kind words. it is always nice to write about something you are genuinely interested in.
    you can see http://www.tnq.in/vishwa.html for daily reports on the match.

  8. Hello, This is Pramila from OPEN magazine http://www.openthemagazine.com. Is there an email id or phone number where I could reach you? Thanks and regards.

  9. Guys this is really good art work and a very interesting read. Great job and all the best with developing this further!

  10. Hi Jaideep, I just read your prose on Anand-Topalov final game of the World Championship and it is very nice. Kepe it up! Regards, Sujatha.

  11. Hey guys! Im Joel from Sonshine Comics, Hyderabad, set to launch mid 2011. Let me know ur contact details so that i can get in touch with you.


  12. @Ankur & @Sujatha, thanks guys 🙂

    @Joel, the easiest way is through our Facebook page, you’ll be able to see our contact details there.
    HGN>>Info>>Yugantar.org.in>>Contact Us

  13. I’d be in town this coming week! Do let me know if you’re going on any jaunts! Would love to accompany 🙂

  14. Hey guys ! this is truely awesome work ! Cant wait to gobble up the book hen it comes out. BTW how does one get his hands on it when it gets released?

  15. Neel, our aim is to have 100% of our content 100% free – so you’ll see new material here as we release it. Join our Facebook Page to be part of the discussion and check out previews etc. As for a book version, we are “in talks” as they say. An excerpt will be out in a major Indian anthology shortly.

  16. I just called Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal and they dont have it in stock.

    • Hi, thank you for your interest. They sold out the (sole) copy on the first day apparently! More are on their way, shall reach in a week. thanks.

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